Description of research activities

Invested personnel : Sandra BOUNEAU, Guillaume BLANC, Sylvain DAVID, Marc ERNOULT

Contact : Sandra BOUNEAU

Energy transition scenarios are at the heart of decision-making processes and are partly based on complex, varied and often poorly explained technical and economic modeling. An analysis tool, based on the modeling of the energy production sector, has been developed to quantify the grey energy needed for the energy transition itself, which is rarely taken into account in the scenarios and which could make some trajectories less efficient than expected. This physical quantitative analysis requires the development of a validated database and can be coupled with an economic analysis at a later stage.


Within the team, we are working to:

  • Analyze the available information on the energy and building materials that are consumed in the construction and operation of the energy production and conversion facilities and build a coherent database validated by a network of expert project partners.

  • Develop a physical analysis model and an interface with the above mentioned database.

  • Analyze energy scenarios. This requires in particular the translation of each of the studied scenarios into a form compatible with the proposed analysis grid.


Centrale-Supelec, Université de Nantes, Subatech-Nantes