CHIMèNE – Chemistry, Irradiation, Materials, Modeling, and Electrochemistry for Nuclear and Environment

The CHIMèNE team is composed of various scientific themes : 

The team is strongly involved in teaching and dissemination of science. Its members taught in various courses related to nuclear energy at the University Paris-Saclay : Master Nuclear Energy, Master 2 Physique et Ingénierie de l’EnergieMagistère de Physique Fondamentale, Polytech Paris-Saclay Materials Department: Mechanics and Energy, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and in Physics.

The team is composed of the following members (the contacts are available on the IN2P3 directory), and is coordinated by Aurélie Gentils.

Assistant Professors and Professors Romuald Drot, Frédérico Garrido, Jérôme Roques, Veronika Zinovyeva
Research Scientists Céline Cannes, Sylvie Delpech, Aurélie GentilsStéphanie Jublot-Leclerc
Emeritus Brigitte Décamps, Lionel Thomé
Engineers Davide Rodrigues
Post-docs Almaza Abi Khalil, Marc Cabrières, Charly Carrière, Gabriela Duran Klie, Ghada El Jamal, Elodie Lacroix, Manoj Kumar Rajbhar
PhD students Joelle Costantine, Letissia Hamza, Mathis Hitier