Research activities description

Contact : Jérôme Roques

Numerical simulation represents a transverse axis in the E&E pole, the objective of which is to develop theoretical chemistry activities in close collaboration with the pole’s experimentalists on research topics associated with nuclear energy. Several topics of research are thus addressed:


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PhD theses in progress

Recent defended PhD thesis

  • Y. Xu, Etude de la diffusion du carbone dans le zirconium et la zircone en volume des gaines de combustible usées par simulations multi-échelles, Université Paris-Sud, 2015

  • F. Brulfert, Mécanisme d’interaction des actinides avec une protéine : la calmoduline, Université Paris-Sud, 2016

  • P.E. Plantet, Etude de la diffusion du carbone en subsurface et en surface de la zircone et étude de la spéciation du 14C à l’interface zircone/eau par simulations multi-échelles, Université Paris-Sud, 2019

Recent articles

● M. Ghalei, J. Vandenborre, F. Poineau, G. Blain, P. Lorenzo Solari, J. Roques, F. Haddad, M. Fattahi, Speciation of Technetium in Carbonate Media under Helium ions and γ radiation, Radiochimica Acta 107(2019) 105

● A. Younes, G. Creff, M. R. Beccia , P. Moisy, J. Roques,  J. Aupiais,  C. Hennig, P. L. Solari, C. Den Auwer, C. Vidaud, Is hydroxypyridonate 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) a good competitor of fetuin for uranyl metabolism?, Metallomics 11 (2019) 496-507

● C. Le Naour, J. Roques, C. den Auwer, P. Moisy and J. Aupiais, Protactinium (V) in aqueous solution: a light actinide without actinyl moiety, Radiochimica Acta 107 (2019) 979-991

● C. Gautheron, D. M. Djimbi, J. Roques, H. Balout, R. A. Ketcham, E. Simoni, R. Pik, A. M. Seydoux-Guillaume, and L. Tassan-Got, A multi-method, multi-scale theoretical study of He and Ne diffusion in zircon, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 268 (2020) 348-367

● F. Bassal, J. Roques, C. Gautheron, Neon diffusion in goethite, α-FeO(OH): a theoretical multi-scale study, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 47 (2020) 14

● P.E. Plantet, Y. Xu, C. Domain, J. Roques, A. Ambard and E. Simoni, Atomic modelling of carbon atom diffusion in monoclinic zirconia volume, subsurface and surface, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Journal of Nuclear Materials 537 (2020) 152193-152218

● V. Sladkov, J. Roques and M. Meyer, Assignment of complex species by affinity capillary electrophoresis: The case of Th(IV)-desferrioxamine B, Electrophoresis 41 (2021) 1870-1877